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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hoping you're on the mend

Good morning everyone!

Janet and I went to the Stamp Show in West Springfield, MA a few days ago.  We had SO much fun.  I bought tons of stamps and could have bought tons more if I had won the lottery recently.  I considered going back on Sunday, but decided I wouldn't have the energy to use my new stamps if I spent all of my grocery money on stamps. 

One of my favorite booths was Stamps by Judith & Heather.  I already owned a few of their stamps and now I own at least 5 more of them.  I have been watching their videos on You Tube and I suspect that I will own even more of their stamps very soon.

Diane and Angela, when I bought the stamps I used on today's card I turned to Janet and said that both of you will love them.  Diane makes the most amazing quilts.  I've told her she should sell tickets to her home so that everyone can visit and see her wonderful creations that are displayed so beautifully.  Angela makes incredibly beautiful purses that are more special than the brand that so many of us own.

The idea for this card was displayed in the booth. 

The small buttons and spools were created with "stick" stamps.  The larger buttons and spools were created with "stubbie" stamps.  The spools and buttons are hanging from a "dot row". The sentiment that is directly beneath the stamp images is from one of PaperTrey Ink's clear quilt stamp sets.  "Feel better soon" was with my other "get well" stamps and I am not sure who manufactured it.  I used a clear Wink of Stella brush to add sparkle to the buttons and spools.  They don't look sparkly in my photograph, but in real life that little bit of sparkle adds a lot to the card.

Have a great day!

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