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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Easter Snack Mix

Hi Everyone,

Hope that you are all doing well and finding ways to entertain yourselves during these days of social isolation. 

One of the people I follow on Instagram and her blog is thebakermama.  She shares great ideas for food boards, snacks, and meals.  She shared photographs and a recipe for an Easter Snack Mix that I just made for my family.

This mix is perfect for Spring and Easter.  If you google thebakermama and the words "Easter Snack Mix" you will find her photographs and recipe.  Now if you are not able to find the exact ingredients that she used please do not stress.  Follow her recipe in terms of quantities and make any substitutions you need or want to use.  Here are the ingredients I used.

By the way thebakermama released her first book a few months ago.  It is called Beautiful Boards and is an awesome book. I refer to it over and over again when I am preparing food boards for my family and friends.

Take care.

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