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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Red, White and Blue Berry Trifle

Hi Everyone!

I have to post this tonight.  Today Robbie and I made the most amazing red, white and blue berry trifle.  I found the recipe in an email that I received.  I opened up the recipe and clicked on the video.  You can watch the video at
this link.

Since we aren't huge raspberry fans we substituted strawberries for raspberries.  We used about 2 pounds of strawberries to get the 5 cups that are called for in the recipe.  My spring form pan is about 8.5 inches, but that was fine.  I had a little trouble with the parchment paper so I sprayed the bottom of my pan before I placed the circle of parchment paper there.  Then I sprayed the sides of the pan before putting the parchment paper there.  That worked perfectly. 

Our cake chilled for about 5 hours.  When I released the sides of the pan the cake went perfectly onto the platter I had grabbed for it.  I pulled off the parchment paper that was wrapped around the sides of the cake, and my cake looked just as beautiful as the one in the video. 

Look at it!  Isn't it beautiful?!?  And it tastes even better than it looks!

Try it.  Let me know if you like it!

Have a great night!

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