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Friday, February 15, 2013

Thanks a Bunch

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever spent Valentine's Day in a preschool classroom?  Picture 18 children with 18 valentines each to deliver.  YIKES! 

We used tissue boxes to create mailboxes.  The children decorated their mailboxes with doilies, heart shaped buttons, valentine mini muffin wrappers, silk flower petals, punched out hearts, pompoms, foam heart stickers, and more.  We made them on Tuesday so they would be dry by Thursday.  (Preschoolers LOVE to use a lot of glue!)

We asked each parent to have their child sign the back of 18 valentines and put them in blank envelopes.  That way each child could deliver a valentine to each mailbox without having to read or match a name. 

Sounds easy enough and for most children it truly was an easy task.  But for others...well, they needed a little help.  Happily, one of the parents offered to help the children deliver their cards.  She stayed and helped until each and every valentine was in a mailbox. 

I gave her a hug and thanked her for the help.  When I got home I realized how truly grateful I was for her help and decided to make her a thank you card.

I used my Memento markers to color directly on a Hero Arts Newspaper Tulip wooden stamp.  Then I used a Tim Holtz mini mister to spritz the stamp.  I pressed the stamp onto some white tag.  The result as you can see is a watercolor look. 

The text was created with a Lockhart sentiment stamp. 

Have a wonderful day!

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