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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Congratulations to the Ham Family

Hi Everyone!

I've been busy creating cards for my friend Gayle's sons.  Gayle and I have been friends for nearly 26 years. We met when Gayle came to my house to learn about my family childcare program. Robbie was born in July of 1985. Gayle's son, Ricky, was born in August that same year. I opened my family childcare in November, 1985 and Ricky was one of the first children I cared for.  Gayle's son, Brian, was born in January of 1987 and my daughter, Marie, was born in April that same year.

When Rob and Ricky were 3 and 4 years old they attended a preschool program at my house, while Marie and Brian played together at Gayle's house. Then, when Marie and Brian were 3 and 4 years old they attended my preschool program. All four children attended classes I taught for Lexington Recreation and the Teddy Bear's Picnic camp I directed each summer.

For years Ricky and Brian raced around and around on their tricycles on the "road" I had painted in our backyard. They were firefighters, police officers, trash collectors, carpenters and more as they played with our Little Tykes toys. They cooked with Chef Combo and tried the new foods that he introduced to them. They played with the countless batches of playdoh I made and listened to the hundreds of stories I read to them.

Now both of these sweet men tower over me. They take the time to save water bottle caps and other recycled things for me to use in my teacher trainings.

Ricky and Brian both graduated from the police academy this past year and both will be working in the Lexington Police Department like their father, Rich, and their uncle, Dana, did. Gayle and Rich are giving Ricky and Brian a party this Saturday to celebrate their new profession.

I created these cards for Ricky and Brian. I cut a road from black tag and adhered it to some grass patterned paper from dcwv. I used a "Gelly Roll" pen to draw the lines on the road. I mounted the road onto some sky paper and then adhered it to a blank card. The stickers are from the "police officer' sticker set from Me & My Big Ideas. I put some foam tape behind the police officers to add dimension to the cards. I added some Stickles to the headlights and the flashing red light on top of each police car.

It's funny, but as I sit here looking at the cards the expressions on the police officers faces truly remind me of Ricky and Brian!

Congratulations Ricky, Brian, Gayle and Rich!
See you on Saturday night!


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Shirley said...

How absolutely wonderful. They will love them and what keepsakes too!